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Switch on your Superwoman

Switch on your Superwoman!

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Sick of feeling sluggish? Follow our four-week plan to become the happiest, healthiest and most energised version of you…

For women going through the menopause, problems like stress, low energy, weight gain and low mood can all affect how we feel on a day-to-day basis.

Here, nutritionist Jeannette Jackson, training specialist David Wiener and psychologist Kelly Watkins explore positive changes we can all make to set free our superpowers and feel healthier and happier sooner.



David says: ‘Put 15 minutes aside each morning and do these four full-body stretches — deep squat hold, knee to chest, side stretch and cobra stretch. Hold them for 20 seconds each and then repeat.

‘Stretching is a simple but effective way to increase blood flow around the body, helping our muscles to work more efficiently and boosting our energy levels.’

Jeannette says: ‘Sugar creates inflammation in the gut and stops us maximising the absorption of other healthy foods we’re eating, so this week focus on swapping out sugary snacks.

‘Switch biscuits for crackers and low-fat cheese, or a flavoured yogurt for Greek yogurt with blueberries. The less sugar you consume, the less likely you are to feel your energy levels crash.’

Kelly says: ‘Write down 10 activities that leave you feeling energised, calm or relaxed. Then schedule three of these each week. The more we invest in ourselves, the more energy we’ll have for others.’…

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Key Words Physical Health, Menopause, Stress, Self Care Type Oline Article Date Feb 2021