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I am a BABCP accredited supervisor. I offer private supervision for trainee and qualified CBT therapists, as well as organisations seeking additional professional CBT Supervision for their staff. I also offer supervision and coaching to other health care professionals and counsellors seeking to use and develop CBT or psychological techniques as part of their work.

I have undertaken professional training in supervision by the British Psychological Society and I am a member of the BABCP supervision special interest group. I have extensive supervision experience within the private sector, NHS and HMPPS and supervisees on the University of Hertfordshire post-graduate diploma in CBT.

What is cognitive behavioural therapy supervision?

CBT Clinical supervision allows therapists to discuss clinical cases in a safe and supportive environment. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy supervision is a collaborative process in which the Therapist and Supervisor work together to consider clinical cases that the Therapist is working with in order to ensure that the therapists clients receive the very and safe care possible.

Clinical Supervision is an essential aspect of CBT practice, and whether you use CBT informed approaches, practice individually or as part of an organisation you should seek supervision with an appropriate supervisor.

What I can offer you?

& nurturing space

Supervision will provide a safe, nurturing and confidential space for you to build your confidence in using CBT or other psychological theory as well as steadily expanding your knowledge base. I will take time to understand where you are in your clinical career, and what your learning and development goals for the future are.

A wide range
of resources

I have a wide range of resources that I share with my supervisees to increase their understanding and improve their practice. During supervision we have space to discuss clients you are working with including sharing formulations, treatment plans and problem solving any difficulties. I recognise the importance of using supervision to also discuss your own wellbeing as well as encouraging reflective practice.


I can offer you the benefits of receiving supervision whilst being responsive and flexible to your clinical needs. Supervision is provided on a set or flexible basis, face-to-face, telephone or via a secure online platform.

Unlock the Secrets to Building
a Thriving Private Psychotherapy Practice!

on-demand online course

Kelly is passionate about supporting other professionals in building and developing their private practice. For the last 7 years she has been running a successful practice from the ground up. She started with only having a few clients a month to now having a team of associates alongside a thriving shop and large online presence.

In the course Kelly will share with you all she has learnt along the way. Sharing my mistakes, how I overcome my biggest challenges and what I would not run my private practice without.

Do you dream of running your own private practice but feel overwhelmed by the idea?

Or perhaps you already have a private practice but want to invigorate what you do?

Do you want to make a bigger impact while achieving financial success? Look no further, because I have the solution you’ve been searching for!

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Events & Retreats

Kelly develops and delivers a wide range of workshops locally and virtually. These are tailored to the each individual, group or organisation. Some of the previous topics have including reducing burnout, anxiety management, improving self-esteem, incorporating mindfulness, understanding and managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome, resilience building and much more. She has been invited to share her knowledge at international events and retreats in Canada, Spain and Switzerland as well as in the United Kingdom.

Kelly is able to offer practical mental health and wellbeing services to support businesses. It is widely accepted that employers need to ensure that their teams are getting the best support for their mental wellbeing and understand what activities that can incorporate into their working day to enhance their mental wellbeing.

Kelly is keen to continue to share her psychological skills and knowledge so please contact her to find out how she could develop a tailored package for your next event, workshop, retreat or programme.

“Kelly has given me a new lease of life, she has helped me to understand what is important but also to help me to know the importance of dedicating time for me as well, we laughed together and it always felt like a weight was lifted after our sessions”

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Free "Building your brand as a mental health professional" eBook

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