Attention Training a CBT Skill to manage worry and overthinking

Unfortunately, our worrisome thoughts are often about things that are important to us, so they sometimes grab our attention and can be hard to let go of. However, trying to answer back, chase, or suppress these negative thoughts can sometimes strengthen this negative experience rather than diminish it. So how do we get our attention back on the present? Well, think of your attention like a muscle… if you don’t exercise it regularly, it will become weak and won’t work as well. We need to strengthen it by giving it regular exercise!! There are two ways you can give your attention a regular workout, mundane task focusing and meditation, both of which are mindfulness-based attention training exercises. It is not an attempt to control your thoughts or to make them go away. It is actually about allowing these thoughts to be present in your mind, and at the same time choosing to shift your attention back on to something in the present moment.