Enhance your psychological resilience with this comprehensive e-book.




Enhance your psychological resilience with this comprehensive e-book. Developed by Kelly Watkins, a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist with over 11 years of experience, this guide offers valuable insights and practical techniques to help improve and maintain resilience. Explore topics such as understanding resilience, cognitive restructuring of negative thoughts, and regulating emotions. Learn about the three C’s of resilience and how to change your core beliefs for greater mental strength. Discover the power of Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping Technique) as a tool for resilience. In a year that has tested our resilience, this e-book is a valuable resource to develop the psychological strength needed to cope with life’s challenges.

This 22-page e-book, will support you to tap into your inner and outer resilience. Throughout the e-book, I will explain more about resilience and why it is important but most importantly teach you the psychological skills and techniques to help you to improve and maintain
your resilience.
This e-book will cover the following areas:

  • What is resilience and how to build it?
  • Understanding resilience and your mental health
  • The three C’s of resilience
  • Exploring your thoughts and how to cognitively restruct your negative thoughts
  • What are your core beliefs and how we can change them
  • Understanding our emotions and how to regulate them
  • Introduction to the Tapping Technique (emotional freedom technique)

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