This digital productivity and peace planner was created with you in mind. It is an all-in-one, 550+ page digital planner, to give you everything you need and more.




Hello and welcome to the productivity and peace planner, this digital planner was created with you in mind. It is an all in one digital planner, to give you everything you need and more. Let me explain more about each section.

It is a 550+ Page Undated Digital Planner. Use for any year and you can continue to use it and start whenever you like.

  • The first section you will see is a year planner to add in prominent dates or notes for each month.
  • Then a vision board, where you can make a note of what you want to achieve in the next six months.
  • You then have a monthly planner to help organise yourself over the month. There is an intention and reflection page this is to create a routine to book end your week, which includes setting intentions for your week and practicing gratitude.
  • There is a weekly planner so you can schedule in activities for the week ahead.
  • You will notice space for a brain dump, a brain dump is for you to write down anything that comes to your mind. Set yourself a time limit of 5-10 minutes and dump what’s in your brain onto the planner. This will help you to gain some space in your brain.
  • Next is meal planning, this section can help you to organise yourself, to eat a variety of nutritious meals and potentially save money. Use the shopping list on the same page so you know exactly what you need rather than buying things without a purpose.
  • The daily planner helps you to plan out your day, take the information from your monthly or weekly planner and expand on it to help you daily. There is space for you to log your mood on a daily basis. This will help you to notice any changes and to remind you to check in with how you are feeling.
  • We know we are all made up of a lot of water but do you know how much you actually drink, use the log to help monitor your intake. There is a to-do list on the side, this is for you to just note down the things you need to get done but don’t get too focused on this. Take the top three from the list that are priority, having too much on to prioritise will only overwhelm you by focusing on just getting three done helps to motivate you to get them done. You can carry over your to-do list to the following day.


I am a massive advocate of self-care and believe that this can be achieved with even the smallest of activities. So, I have created a space for you to plan a range of activities that will show yourself care, the areas include me time, skin care, movement, meditation. As I believe that these are the most accessible ways to show yourself care. Then we have journal prompts to help you on your journalling journey.

You have a monthly expense tracker, to help you to stay financially healthy. You pick the category, description of what it is, the amount it costs, then the balance of what you have left. This can help you to organise yourself and stay within budget.

On a monthly basis, create your ‘ta-da’ list this is a space for you to reflect on the things that you have achieved, are proud of, grateful for. Just basically anything big or small that has made you feel good. It is a great way to close off your month.

There is a notes section in two formats, depending on if you are doodler or a writer,

I know there is a lot in here, this is your planner though so pick which ones you prefer if you like planning your month and day then do that, if you want to do your week and day then do that. This is your planner to suit your needs.

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